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More updates to come on tanookisuit.com   !
Show was the bomb!  - 1/13/04
We would just like to say thanks to everyone that came out on a Monday night to support some good quality bands on January 12th show.  Special thanks to Kathrine for putting the show on, The Forms, and Heroic Villian. 
Everything was tight -
Also we will be playing with The Deset Fathers (a side project of the forms) on March 13th.  Plan ahead and check it out
Wazzzup Forms? - 1/2/03
Well we are playing a show with two great bands on a monday night.  The Forms are a great band from NYC, and many of you know Anathallo.  The show is on a Monday night, but will be done around 10:00 - 10:30.  Check them out at
Be there, it will be some great fun -
Recording Update! 12/28/03
You know what they say, bros before hoes, and that what TS is keeping in mind when the go in this saturday to record with a great guy named Corey (med/moy Ben Twiggs Seven)  We have found a great opertunity to get a demo done cheap.  Maybe we can get the quality to be better then a demo?  If so, a new album on the way.  We love you - TS
Some show in the future for TS
Yes thats right TS is sheduling some shows in the year 2004, a few here and there.  Anathallo, Ring, Cicada, Riddle of steel, and the forms could be involved.
New Website in the Works, A few shows...10/28/03
TS and Jeff Kraus are in the works or creating a new better website, all we can say is it will be better, and we will have a domain name like www.tanookisuit.com Dont click that link.  Also we possibly might be playing a show on November 15th at the Jacobs Well corner building. That show is not confirmed on our part even though its on the Jacobs Well event list.  Also we will be holding our CD release show on January 17th at the UAW hall.  We will be playing with Bear Vs. Shark, Inside Five Minutes and More!  Thank You Jeff Kraus.
Whats going on TS? 9/7/03
Well we will tell you whats going on, we are in the process of dubing shit up.  When we say that, we mean that we are writing more songs, revising more songs, getting ready to record.  Also we are in the process of saving up money to record.  Our goal is to raise $2000, we are half way there.  We have been gathering pop cans, and we have plans to rake lawns this fall to raise money.  If you have any pop cans that you are willing to donate,  or if your lawn needs raking, contact us via email. Also I ($Andrew$) just purchused a new computer, so expect more updates. 
Hello, 8/18/03 - Tanooki Suit
We apologive for not making any updates to this website in the last 2 months.  Well what can we say?  The July 26th show went alright, Our July 4th show was very fun.  Eyes of Autumn is a great band, check them out, check out links section.  This website will be taking a turn for the better in about1 -2 months.  Also we are planning to record an EP around October/November.  Be ready for that.
May 31st show... Our two year anniversary
The show at Jacob's Well went great, thanks for the support.  Our first full-length cd, "yesyesyesterday," was finally released.  Thank you to everyone who bought one.  Also thanks to Meaghan Greene for selling them, and "mom" for raising me.  Hope to see you soon.
P.S. without MISSING PILOTS, we would all be dead.  Thank god for them. 

Upcoming Shows

Saturday, March 13th
Tanooki Suit
(On Warner Bros Records)
The Desert Fathers
(Members of the forms) www.threespheres.com
Adams Castle
6:00   $5
American Legion Hall - On Hastings St.