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Lets see here.  Where did it all start?  If you really care, it all started as a thought, a dream of Andrew & Will's.  A&W always wanted to be in a band together, but they did not know of anyone that played instruments other than themselves.
Meanwhile in science class, Patrick & Andrew were just becoming friends.  One day Andrew invited Patrick over to jam with him and Will.  Well folks, that was the first practice of Ole' Tanooki Suit.
Over the next two months the band practiced, started to progress, and get somewhere. During this time the band decided on the name  "Tanooki Suit."  This name was suggested by Will's brother Cam.  Other names that were almost used included Grade A, Made in China, and Class Act. 
Now that Tanooki Suit had a name, everything was going good, but one thing was missing.  Tanooki Suit did not have a Bassist.  We first captured Marc Menchaka for a bassist, but with out even practicing with Marc, we said good bye and kicked him out.  Then over the summer we found a chap by the name of Colin Cambell.  Colin was a neighborhood friend of Will's.  We played with him and things went good.  On the day of Colins birthday, he was in the Band. 
Tanooki Suit would then go on to write 8 songs that they would later drop, never to be played at a show.  Some of the songs included.... The Hawaian Song, Human See Human Do, Senor Franklin on the jazz flute, Mr Time, wanawa, New, New New, and New New New
Tanooki Suit was formed in late May of 2001, but did not play a single show until a year later in May 2002.  Tanooki Suit's first show was at Farwell Freshman.  We played 3 of the songs we have now (Plaid , Red Squares, and Windows of Shelves) 
A great moment to remember was when Tanooki Suit was the first band to ever play at Jacobs Well on Sunday, June 30th 2002 (the first night of Jacobs Wells existance.)  That night we shared the stage with Pine Garden Champion & DJ Carl.  We now play many shows at Jacobs Well.

  Tanooki Suit

Patrick Carroll
Andrew Rosinski
Colin Campbell
Will Thomas

Want to Ask Juicy Questions?  TanookiSuit7@Hotmail.com